What is Pralaya Yoga? 

Pralaya yoga was developed by Yogi Robert Boustany to promote longevity of joint health. 


I first came across Pralaya at Dharma Yoga Studio in St Germain en Laye, on the outskirts of Paris.


Whilst following the principles of more traditional styles of Yoga, the main difference is that Pralaya yoga focuses on joint longevity and protection, using opposing muscle theories to strengthen weaker muscles across joints thereby creating balance.


I follow a traditional asana-based practice, which varies each class and will depend on the needs of participants. All classes are suitable for all levels as postures and movements are adapted according to ability, flexibility and how you feel.

You may find Pralaya-style yoga similar to other styles of yoga you have tried,  As with all styles of Yoga, we use the breath to unite body, mind and spirit. 

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