You look great...have you had a massage?? 

Sports massage is a complementary holistic therapy, suitable for every person of every age and walk of life. "What?" I hear you ask. "Isn't Sports Massage just for professional or 'serious' athletes?" No.

Sports Massage is beneficial for every body, of every shape, size and type, to assist with mobility, flexibility, posture and mental health. It provides valuable maintenance of soft tissue, as well as treatment of a specific issue - more on that later.

If you consider sports massage from the point of view of maintenance, would you book in for regular massage treatments to look after your soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons)? Probably not, you wait until you have a problem, until it gets bad enough to stop you from doing something you have to or enjoy doing. We treat massage as a luxury unless there is a specific dysfunction that needs to be addressed.

However, consider this: How many of you will get your hair cut once a month, once every 6 weeks or at the very least once every two months? This may or may not include colour and a treatment mask to combat dryness or some sort of chemical treatment to help it become sleek and smooth. How about beauty appointments? Facials, nails, waxing?

We put more value on cosmetic appearance than we do on our wellbeing and optimum health.

If I were to suggest regular treatments of massage, reflexology or acupuncture as maintenance, once a month or once every 6 weeks, I am most likely to get interesting and negative responses from some people. Is this because it's not a 'visible' treatment?

For maintenance of your muscle tissue, for your posture and for how you feel physically and mentally, a massage treatment can make all the difference in the world. If you care only about appearances, then perhaps this is not for you. It is not going to be obvious to anybody else; you will not get compliments on how nice your massage looks on you! You won't take selfies afterwards (or maybe you will) - but, and this is a very big will look and feel amazing. You might not be able to see the massaged muscles, but you will feel them and it will make a difference to your posture, to your muscle function, to your performance, to how your body moves, your gait and to your mobility. And let's not forget about mental health and the importance of relaxation and stress relief in our busy modern world.

We should be promoting alternatives to medication. If you have a medical issue, you must consult a medical professional. However, if you are not feeling on top form, if you have a few niggles, a few painful muscles, tightness in the neck and shoulders... don't take another ibuprofen. How about addressing the cause of the pain?

Have you thought about complementary therapies? It's about education in promoting a healthier lifestyle: reducing stress, reducing things in your life that cause anxiety and depression, and increasing activities that balance your serotonin and endorphins. It's all about looking after the body in a holistic way to ensure it is in its prime state to function the way you need it to.

It seems that we have to give ourselves permission to look after ourselves and put ourselves first in everything in this world. We feel guilty looking after self care, but if you're not healthy how will you care for all those other areas of your life that you currently prioritise?

So once again why is your health and wellbeing less important than getting your haircut, why is it less important than getting your dog groomed?


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