Why Reiki?

Before I can address why I love Reiki, we need to explain what it is. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy, based around the concept of a universal life force, an energy which exists in each and every living being. Even inanimate objects are made up of molecular energy, however they vibrate at a different frequency.

During a Reiki treatment this energy is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient, through either hands on or hands off treatment. The recipient remains fully clothed, while the practitioner places their hands in different set positions on the front and back of the body. If preferred this can be carried out without touching the recipient. If a particular issue is identified, this area can be targeted as well, for example inflammation in the elbow.

As a general rule, most people feel a deep relaxation during and after a Reiki Treatment at the very least. Others have experienced a deep heat, a rush of heat, tingling sensations and visions behind the (closed) eyes. Many people feel extremely heavy, and then a weight lifted from their shoulders. It can be a way to release stress, enhance wellbeing and improve sleep.

Does it work as a healing therapy? Well...yes. I believe it does. Consider this: you stub your toe walking barefoot through the house - what's the first thing you do (after the swearing)? You rub it. Your child falls over and bangs their elbow. You bring them into your arms for a cuddle, rub the sore elbow. You might even kiss it better (this will not happen during a Reiki session!).

Even our animal friends know the power of touch. Dogs lie alongside one who is unwell. In the wild, animals will comfort another in a similar way. Animals gravitate toward someone channeling Reiki, clearly feeling intrigued. I've seen it myself at home, and horses will cross the paddock to be closer to the Reiki activity.

One of my yoga clients reported arthritis in her feet disappeared after she'd started using Reiki in her regular self-care regime. A colleague reported quick healing of a sprained ankle after sending Reiki to the area. It doesn't have to be an expensive treatment, and once attuned anyone can use this technique on themselves and others.

And for this reason, I am so pleased to be able to offer Reiki treatments at my studio and also to friends, family (and pets!). It is also why I will pursue my Reiki Master qualification so I can attune others, the first level is Reiki I. I feel Reiki is a gift that we all have the ability to master, and it is a skill to take out into the world, to share with others.

Watch this space - Reiki Shares can be free, community events, organised to benefit all and bring health and wellbeing to whomever needs it. Free and open to anyone who wants to come.

It's a very powerful tool and I, for one, feel very fortunate that I have the opportunity to experience it and share with others.


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