What happens at a Sports massage appointment?

If you have never been for a sports massage, you may be curious or anxious about what to expect. Please don't be.

A sports massage can help ease musculo-skeletal problems, which means It can help ease aches, pains and niggles, whether your discomfort is a result of sport or other activity, or even if it isn't. A sports massage can also help rehabilitate injuries - it is an appropriate treatment to help you avoid further injury, reduce pain and muscle tension, and to get you on the road to recovery – the main objective of a sports massage treatment plan when related to injury will be to return you to your pre-injury performance and functionality if this is possible.

What should I wear?

You can bring along a t-shirt and pair of sports shorts, or comfortable tracksuit bottoms or leggings. For a sports massage which includes legs, I would suggest shorts. For ladies, a bra that unfastens at the back is ideal as I would ideally like to be able to have access to the full expanse of your back during a back neck and shoulder massage.

So what happens at a back neck and shoulder sports massage?

The first part of the treatment is to complete a Client consultation form – this is to ensure your contact details, emergency contact, medical history, lifestyle and any contraindications are fully disclosed prior to treatment. We will complete this together, and this is your opportunity to advise the reason for the appointment, any pain and lack of movement, lack of function you have observed yourself. We move on to the postural and range of motion assessments.

This is where the sports massage deviates from a relaxation massage. Through assessing your posture, functionality of your muscles and joints and tests to assess the limitations of movement, we can target your treatment for this and create a treatment plan. This is done by taking you through a series of movements depending on your reported pain or discomfort and my observations. Ideally you will change into the sports shorts before the consultation, and the assessments can be done with your t-shirt on.

Once we have determined a treatment plan for your appointment, I will leave the room and allow you to prepare for your massage. At this point I will ask you to remove your t-shirt and lie down on the massage table face down as we will begin with the back massage. There will be towels to cover you, maintaining your privacy and dignity at all times. Once you are ready, I will return to the treatment room and the massage begins with the back massage.

The whole treatment time is dependant on your need and what you have booked; I offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute treatments. For a 60 minute treatment this normally incorporates a full body massage (legs, arms, back neck and shoulder).

Will it hurt?

A sports massage targets problem areas in a more focussed manner than a relaxation massage; there will be some discomfort as we work on adhesions (or 'knots'); the deeper the massage the more intense and effective it will be on the deeper muscles of the body. However it should not be unbearably painful; you should not leave a sports massage treatment with bruises, further injuries or in any way less mobile or comfortable than you were when you arrived. We are looking to improve circulation, improve mobility, flexibility, stability and muscle function. In short, you should feel great!


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