We live in a hashtag world

Promoting yoga classes, week in week out is not as easy as you might think. For one thing, most of us don't have an endless supply of picture perfect shots of immaculate headstands, a dedicated (and pristine) yoga studio (complete with hardwood floors and tasteful artwork) or someone to photograph a class full of (obviously) extroverted, experienced, paparazzi-friendly yogis.

As Insta-friendly as that sounds, that is NOT most yoga instructors, and I am no exception.

So finding images to say what you want to say is actually quite tricky. You don't want to constantly post photos of yourself (well, I don't anyway) as that would seem rather ego-centric, and if not it is just embarrassing. Many of the stock photos available show people in asanas (yoga postures) in the most unlikely places, frankly (although they do look beautiful). I worry that it could put people off - are we going to do headstands on the edge of a cliff? In Tadcaster???

So here's what I'm trying to say in my Instagram and Facebook posts: I am teaching yoga classes for all levels, ages, shapes and sizes. If you've never done yoga before, or you've been practicing for 20 years, you are equally welcome. The classes are varied and fun, you will NOT be asked to throw yourself up into a head or handstand (but if you WANT to, be my guest) and whilst there is no obligation to buy blocks of lessons or commit to coming every week, I will be there and will welcome you whenever you can make it.

You WILL notice the benefits, and you WILL get out 10 times more than you put in. Once they start practicing yoga, people report increased feelings of relaxation, reduction of stress, increased energy, flexibility and strength, better quality of sleep...and that's just the start.

Fancy trying a yoga class? I'll see you on the mat.


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