We have lift off!

After a successful launch on Thursday, my new Reiki clinic is now officially open for business!

Reiki can reap such profound rewards, and because it's not a manipulation or palpation therapy, it can be difficult to explain to a newcomer exactly what Reiki can do for you. However, I shall try.

During a reiki session, the client remains fully clothed covered with a light blanket. You are only required to lie still and relax for the duration of the treatment. You will lie on your back and might be asked to turn to lie on your stomach if it is appropriate during the treatment (which normally lasts 60 minutes).

Reiki is an energy therapy; as such, during the session, Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands and flows to where it is most needed. This is not determined by the practitioner nor by the client. For example, before your session you may feel that you only need relaxation, however the energy may find inflammation that needs to be healed, or you may be experiencing emotional issues that you have been denying. You may, like me, experience a rush of heat in the area requiring healing (in my case it was my lower back). However, you may feel a generalised warmth or cold, you may feel tingling (like pins and needles), you may feel deep relaxation or you may feel and alert and full of vitality.

For the reasons outlined above, it is impossible to predict exactly how you will feel during and after treatment. It may not be as dramatic as any of the scenarios above. Rest assured Reiki healing is never negative and there are no contra-indications to worry about. You will benefit from the treatment, whether you feel any thing specific during the session or not. The effects may come later, and for several days (or weeks) afterwards.

Give me a call to book in, or if you have any questions. You can also email me at info.jerriryderyoga@gmail.com

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