Self Acceptance...and...Exciting things are afoot!

This Yoga journey has taken me places I never imagined I would ever be. I am finding out more about myself than I anticipated, discovering things I didn't know I didn't know, if that makes sense.

I teach small classes, in local communities and what I love about that is having the opportunity to meet and speak to people from all different backgrounds and experiences. As soon as you delve a bit deeper, so many people have led such faciniating lives, people have amazing stories and experiences to share.

Sometimes my class sizes are VERY small - in a room that takes a maximum of 12 students, I may only get 8. Or sometimes 5. Tonight there were 3, and a few months ago that probably would have sent me into a tailspin (you know the drill, "Why aren't they coming anymore? Is it me? What did I do wrong" etc., etc.). However, today, I accepted that, yes, some of them possibly didn't like my class (not everyone will) and perhaps I could have eased them in more gently (That beginners' course is a killer). But equally, people have busy lives, things crop up and honestly their Yoga class might be the easy one to drop when life gets hectic and the winter nights are cold (gritters were out tonight).

Tonight, whilst I noted the missing students, I didn't fret about them, didn't let it trouble me as I had the blessing of being able to teach a lovely, small (let's call it 'elite') special class of 3. It worked, they seemed to enjoy it. I certainly did.

I have been on quite a journey this year, lots has changed for me (and many things mercifully remained constant) and the journey is leading me in a bit of a natural circle, I can't say much more just yet. However, I expect to announce new developments in the New Year, relating to both Yoga and Sports Massage. Excited, apprehensive but trying to exist in the moment and enjoy the here and now, accepting myself and others as they are.

Namaste. And... "Watch This Space!"

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