Personal Yoga Training

So, you share a PT session with others? Personal Training is huge at the moment, especially round here - and with good reason. There are lots of excellent personal trainers out there, the gyms are well-equipped and it means you can share the cost with a small group, making it personal yet affordable.

Have you ever thought of doing the same for yoga? I wonder why we don't do more of this? Yoga compliments personal training workouts beautifully - the yin to your yang or vice versa. After working specific targeted muscle groups, working on your cardio or strength, the balancing, calming effects of yoga can bring everything back into harmony. It can increase your mobility and flexibility after working on strength and stamina.

Like personal training, Yoga can also be a bespoke, personalised program of yoga for clients one-to-one, or a small group of friends/like-minded individuals at a time that works with their schedule. You don't even need special fancy equipment, just a mat and space to roll it out.

For private yoga clients the progress and personalisation of the program mean that you get exactly what you need each time. You get to feedback directly to the teacher each session, both during and after your class, meaning that if you have any aches, pains or niggles that you feel you want to work on, these can be addressed and accommodated each session. Perhaps you have a specific yoga goal? Perhaps you have an injury or had an operation which means you are nervous to attend a group class. Private yoga classes on your own or with a friend might be just the ticket.

Perhaps you have tried group class and it wasn't for you? Maybe you prefer to work in a smaller group? If you can find a teacher who can accommodate all of these things, a private yoga class can be hugely successful, relaxing and balancing for both your mind and your body.


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