New Year Self Care

If you set yourself one 'New Years Resolution' this year (and I hate that phrase really), make 2020 all about your self care. I've been vlogging and blogging about self care and the 4 Pillars of Health recently. These 4 'pillars' are: Rest, Eat, Sleep, Move. Breaking them down into 4 simple topics makes it sound so, do you do it? All of them? Every day?

I know that I don't, not without constant daily reminders, but that is going to change. I set myself a 10,000 steps per day challenge for December and so far I've smashed it every day. It has meant I've found myself on spontaneous 10pm wanders around the village a couple of times, but I set the challenge and I've done it.

Self care goals need to be specific or we won't do them. Set some guidelines as you do this - e.g. I will log 10k steps every day; I will meditate for 10 mins per day; whatever nutrition goal is appropriate for you.

Sometimes we have to frame this self-care in a way that speaks to us: 'I'm not going to be able to look after the rest of my family unless I am well, healthy both physically and mentally', or 'I won't be ready for that race unless I eat well, get enough rest and train appropriately at the optimum progression'.

What do you need to tell yourself in order to ensure you look after your self care?

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